What is Wrong with NBA Players?

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Why are so Many Resisting the Restart of NBA Season?

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The NBA Players are awfully making it hard for themselves with many of them protesting the startup of the season. Kyrie Irving and Dwight Howard are the ring leaders. They are misguided and primadonna arrogant morons.

Dwight Howard is not a leader in any fashion and Irving can be a great player when he has his head on correctly. You can’t take anyone serious who argued for months that the earth was flat and then offered a half-hearted apology. Howard has played nice this year in his return to Los Angeles, but that doesn’t make up for the years of outright awful play, along with a self-centered attitude.

If the NBA stars want to get their message out about “Black Lives Matter” like they claim, they have to be on television. They will reach hundreds of millions of people around the world by playing games and being on television. Sitting at home and refusing to play is not the way to get your message out.

NBA Players Need to be Leaders

Covid-19 caused leagues and governments to foolishly shut down the world and quarantine healthy people. It was basically martial law and then you throw in the foolish murder of George Floyd and the powder-keg was ready to explode. People are restless, many can’t work, and many are getting ready to explode.

The world is starting to open up again and people are slowly going back to work. According to Sportsbook Pay Per Head, sports leagues need to be the leaders in this situation. Sports brings people together much more than protests and the idiotic rioting that is going on.

It is time for these NBA players to come off as quality people and leaders to the millions of young fans the league has and not whiny spoiled brats. The vast majority of the league wants to get back to playing and they need to do so. The ones who refuse just need their contracts voided and tell them to stay home.