Time for Sports to Start Up

Sports to Return

Sports is the Great Healer

It is time for the sports world to open back up as quick as possible and get people to living some what of a normal life again. For the last three months it has been nothing but Coronavirus and Police Brutality.

These are important items and needs to be dealt with, but people can’t be locked down like they have been since March and now with tensions already on edge you have this police brutality nonsense. Culture has to change, but at the same time you have to have some normal functionality to your life.

We saw what MLB did for this nation after the attacks of 9/11, and now there will be multiple sports starting back up to unite fans of all races, religions, backgrounds, and financial levels. Golf and NASCAR are already back and it is nice to see the sports bars and restaurants back full in States that have opened up.

According to online iGaming platforms, people are working and jobs are coming back. Sports needs to be the next thing to open back up and give people an escape from reality for just a few hours a day.