Industry Testimonials about

Ever since they opened, we have received nothing but excellent reviews from Clients of ParlayLifestyle.  Great job to for creating a friendly and trustworthy gambling environment!

Even though they are a newcomer to the sports betting industry, they have broken the mold by offering spectacular lines with outstanding and friendly service.  So far, no complaints and only great reviews.  Keep up the good work guys!

Client Testimonials about

“A nice surprise”

Tried them out as a credit player after my friend recommended them to me and it was a nice surprise to see a sportsbook that really cares about their customers.

– Jeff

“My new go to sportsbook”

After playing with several offshore books, you guys are my new go to sportsbook!  I love the fact that there is no B.S. when it comes to payouts.  So far, you have paid me exactly within the time frame you told me I would get my payouts.

– Mike J.

“forthcoming and honest”

Good evening, I wanted to write a few words about parlay lifestyle service. Never before have I come across a service that has been so forthcoming and honest. What you see is what you get. They are upfront about their entire service. Payouts are quick and convenient. None of the standard BS about roll overs you get from other sportsbooks. The ones like, I’ll pay you next week, etc. You are quick with responses via the site if you have questions. It only took a Very small deposit upfront to get my account started. Please do yourself a favor and get yourself funded if you’re looking for the best group of people I have ever come across.

– Gary S

“I would definitely recommend them to anyone”

Good Afternoon,

I wanted to share my appreciation for this book and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. I had a friend provide their contact information and they’ve been great since the very first day! Every time I’ve had a question or comment, they have responded within a very respectable amount of time and it’s truly appreciated.

– Ryan R.

“everything is handled in a professional manner”

I’ve been with Parlay Lifestyle from Day 1. Everything is handled in a professional manner. I recommend you giving Parlay Lifestyle a chance to find out for yourself.

– Gary W.

“I have always been paid on time”

I have been playing with this site for 2 yrs. and I find them very reputable. I have always been paid on time and when I have questions they are answered timely. I only have a few tweaks I wished they would take care of. With this new overhaul they are doing seems my concerns are going to be taken care of. I recommend all to join this site and enjoy a good sportsbook.

– Glenn M