MLB Needs to Act Together


Players and Owners Need to Put Aside Differences in MLB

MLB has had a chance to return to the field and make a statement they care about themselves, their business and their fans. They have failed to do so and it shows why baseball is falling in popularity with each season.

The owners and players do everything they can to alienate their fan-base, especially the younger fans. The players have asked for a fair pro-rated portion of their salaries and the owners do as they always do, play hardball and it hurts all involved.

However, They cry broke, but just signed a new TV deal with Turner Sports. This is because according to online bookie software providers, Rob Manfred needs to be a leader and force the sides to the table and get a deal done.

Baseball has the least chance of players to be affected by the Coronavirus as they are rarely close on the field of play. IT is time to get a deal done and play.