How Old do you have to be to wager at Parlay Lifestyle?

You must be at least 18 years of age or older or legal (depending on the age of majority) in your jurisdiction to use our services.

How do I open a Sports Betting Account?

Use the easy to use sign up page or contact customer service at 1-888-867-5309

What are the Minimum Wager Limits?

The minimum online wager is $5.00. Over the phone wagering requires a minimum of $25 per call for sports. Horse Racing and Casino games depend on the track and game being played.

How do I recover my Username and Password?

You can call customer service at 1-888-867-5309 or use the links where you normally login to the site.

How do I deposit into my Parlay Lifestyle account?

We offer a wide variety of methods to deposit funds into your online gambling account. For a complete listing and description of deposit methods, please check out our  Banking section.

What Currencies are accepted at Parlay Lifestyle?

US Dollars and Bitcoin at the moment. Other cryptocurrencies will be added as needed.

Is my Personal Information Safe?

Parlay Lifestyle strives to ensure the integrity and security of its client’s personal information by using the most advanced security technology available. Our clients can be confident that any transaction you make online, as well as your personal data, will remain completely confidential.

Account Security: Parlay Lifestyle keeps records available upon request for every transaction and wager made within a maximum period of 90 days. Any information requests may be sent to [email protected]

Member Information: Parlay Lifestyle collects no personal information that does not pertain to the purpose of providing service to our members. We strive to safeguard all personal information in an accurate and complete format and will never use it for any other purpose without your prior consent. There will never be any sale or trading of personal information provided to us by our members, including addresses, email, and phone numbers.

Are Their Any Restrictions to Gamble at Parlay Lifestyle?

Parlay Lifestyle is fully licensed by the Government of Costa Rica to accept wagers over the internet and phone. To determine the legality of online gambling in your jurisdiction, you should consult your local governmental authorities or a qualified attorney.

In the case of a bad or reversed line, the wager will be deemed “No Action”, and the member’s account will be credited accordingly. Management will attempt to contact the client prior to game time via e-mail.

If the client has no e-mail or the e-mail address on file is no longer valid, the member’s password will be pulled until the client contacts us. If the play warrants immediate contact, management will attempt to reach the client by telephone.

Any attempts to take advantage of an obvious error or to past post on any action will not be accepted.