Parlay Lifestyle is an online sportsbook that provides a safe and secure gambling environment.

Parlay Lifestyle was created because so many of the people who bought my plays when I ran a sports picks site were getting screwed over by credit books and not getting paid. My thought was, what if I could offer a better alternative and guarantee the players that they would get paid. Since we opened the doors in 2018  we’ve never missed a payout, we have excellent customer service, and we listen to our customers feedback to create the best experience possible.

We are true believers here at Parlay Lifestyle that the customers should have an experience that they enjoy and feel like the sportsbook cares about them. Their ideas are always listened to and welcome and ownership is constantly reaching out to them to get ideas. We strive to be the best sportsbook on the market. Our betting options increase on a regular basis and our customer service is unmatched.

We have only been opened two years, but that shouldn’t throw up any exclamation points. Give us a try to see what playing at a no-nonsense online sportsbook is all about. About